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Some of the greatest things about Georgia are all of the mountains and hills; however, one of the downsides to those mountains and hills is erosion. Erosion is caused when fast moving storm water runs across an unfit surface.


Roof Water Discharging Near Foundation

The most vital part of a successful drainage system is to ensure that all downspouts are directing water at a minimum of 8 feet from the foundation walls. The 8 foot zone surrounding a foundation is called a backfill zone and this additional water can fill this area putting unnecessary pressure on your foundation and allowing water to seep in

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Negative Grade

When a foundation is built and backfilled, soil is compacted around the foundation. During this process air is left in the soil and over time that air condenses out of the soil. This causes your yard to begin sloping towards the foundation and can cause ponding around the foundation walls

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Soggy/Musty Yard

Usable flat space is what we all dream of when we purchase a home; however, that beautiful flat yard can quickly turn into a waterbed after a large rain. One of the reasons for this is the inability of Georgia red clay to pass through and drain efficiently

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Unwanted Ponding

Water ponding in a yard is one of the most common drainage problems in residential neighborhoods. Low spots can occur as a result of soil compacting after construction. Ponding in the yard is not visually unappealing, it can also affect the foundation of your home

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Finishing Touches

Paver Patios And Sidewalks
And More!

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