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It all started with the idea to find some way to combine our successful careers with ten years experience in both the  drainage and landscaping and corporate accounting worlds to offer a service to the greater Atlanta community, which we love and adore as personal residents so much, that allows homeowners to let their worries wash away with the rain, but leave behind a beautiful usable yard space that can be enjoyed to its fullest potential. 


Your proud founders of Georgia Drainage Specialists confidently promise you that we see each client as family, each project as an adventure that we want to take with you, that you will receive the utmost quality customer service and professional project management, and you will also be proud to enjoy your freshly perfected yard space with our help!


From the time we met we dreamt of the day that we would start a family business to even further connect and integrate ourselves into our community; but at the time it was just us and our two dogs, Duke and Royston. During the process of creating Georgia Drainage Specialists we tragically lost our beloved Royston at just four years old to a sudden unknown, aggressive illness. The loss of Royston could not have more clearly shown us the path we were destined to take and so, we decided to quit our jobs and take a leap of faith. It absolutely devastated us and we miss our happy, loving, full of life fluff ball so much; but, he is in our hearts and on our minds as we embark on this journey of our dreams with his loving memory. 



Call Georgia Drainage Specialists today at                                      to schedule your free consultation and get your customized project plan to let your yard space worries wash away!

In Loving Memory of Royston

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