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French Drain Walkway and Driveway Channel Drain Project

This customer was having drainage issues in their backyard where water would pool up and not go anywhere and rush down the driveway directly into garage. The lower level of their home had flooded due to the water backing up in heavy rains and pouring down the driveway directly inside. Their side yard also remained soggy after a storm. With the help of their project design specialist a project plan was created to install a 6"NDS channel drain in the driveway with the surrounding concrete built up to ensure water is directed into the drain. This was connected to a 4" inch dual wall pipe drainage system which wraps around the patio and connects to a 9" NDS catch basin on the opposite side of the fence; the 9" catch basin is connected to a 4" perforated pipe French drain system covered with a decorative rock finish and run to a discharge point at the street.

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