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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a French drain?

A French drain is a perforated pipe backfilled with gravel and covered with either sod or decorative rock. Situations in which French drains are commonly used are in flat yards where water has nowhere to go oftentimes creating a soggy area that never dries out or a muddy mess. 


What is a channel drain?

A channel drain is an open grate drain most often put in driveways, sidewalks, and paver patios to collect surface water and channel it to a specific discharge point. 


What is grading?

Grading is a form of yard leveling 


What is your service range?

Normal Service Range: 25 miles from 1225 Canton Rd Set 106 Marietta GA 30066

Can service outside normal range: see below for consultation fees

26-34 miles: $250

35-40 miles: $300

40+: call for more details

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